Episode 2 - Virtually Normal Wine Tasting Series

Episode 2 - Virtually Normal Wine Tasting Series

Additional Wiltshire Loaf (+£2.50)
Additional Avebury (+£3.30)
Additional Royal Basset Blue (+£3.30)
Additional Brinkworth Blue (+£2.50)

Virtually Normal Wine Tasting Series


Episode 2 - English Sparkling Wine Comparison 


Following on from some participant suggestions in our first zoom tasting, we are launching our Virtually Normal Wine Tasting Series on Sparkling Wine. 


To cut the ribbon, we will be guiding you through Hush Heath’s canned Balfour "Pink Fizz", plus a bottle of our Bluestone Sparkling Cuvee 2015. This event will take place on Saturday 24th April at 7:00pm until 8:00pm.


Alongside the tinned tipple and our fizz, food-lovers can sample some delectable cheeses from Brinkworth Dairy in Wiltshire as part of the Tasting Package.


Included in your Tasting Package will be:


- One 75cl bottle of the Bluestone Sparkling Cuvee 2015

- 2 x 200ml cans of Balfour "Pink Fizz"

- 50g of Brinkworth Blue cheese

- 50g of Avebury cheese

- A PDF to help guide you through the tasting, including a game of Wine Bingo with prizes to be won! (emailed prior to the event)

- Delivery included



Some info on the cheeses:


They are all extremely delicious. My personal favourite is the Royal Basset Blue - a truely distinguished and unique cheese. The blue cheeses will go brilliantly with our Bluestone. Brace yourselves!!


Avebury - 

A soft white cheese. Buttery texture. Aromatic with brassica notes. White exterior with yellow undertones. Bright cream coloured paste. Oozy soft at the edges, smooth centre. Soft and springy body.


Brinkworth Blue -

Brinkworth Blue is similar to a stilton in that it is a hard blue. It is creamy, sweet and nutty. Some describe it as having a chestnut honey flavour. The earthy brown mushroomy crust is fairly thick. The paste is golden and milk white with blue and green veining.


Royal Basset Blue - 

Slice through the rough, mushroomy rind to discover the buttery interior delicately veined with blues and greens.  Look out for humus and celery aromas. This is not a crumbly Stilton-like blue but more akin to a creamy, smooth Dolcelatte or Gorgonzola. Fresh tasting and indulgent at the same time. Enough strength of flavour to delight without being overpowering, it deserves every award it has won.


Wiltshire Loaf - 

Beautifully smooth with flavours of chamomile and daisies. It has a fresh honey flavour when young and pale and matures to a fruitier hay and yellow hue. The texture is irregular and the body of the cheese is springy. This a complex cheese that manages to be creamy and crumbly, sweet and sharp simultaneously.

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