2020... A paradoxical year to forget & remember

We hope that you have been able to get the most out of 2020, despite Covid 19. It has been tough for all and we are eager to spend better times with you in the future. But through the difficulties there have been a few bright moments and we wanted to share some from here at Bluestone.


Firstly, the very successful harvest. We cannot thank enough those who joined us to bring in the grapes, frankly it could not have been done without you! Even though it was hard work, we hope you all had a good time, ate some tasty food, enjoyed our wine, maybe even learnt something from us. We look forward to welcoming you back soon. You never know, you might even fancy a go at the 2021 pick… no pressure…


Another exciting moment was making some wine on-site, here at Bluestone. Working with guidance from the fantastic Hervé Jestin at Hambledon, we held back just under 1.5 tons of our grapes to try some experiments! With our own press, fermentation egg and barrels we have created some of our very own wines. The process is still ongoing as we try out different techniques which will help us become more accomplished winemakers and grape growers in the future!

The majority of the grapes picked at the 2020 Harvest were not held back for our own experimentation, and they are coming to an exciting stage in their journey to the finished product. In April we will be working together with the Hambledon team to blend our base wines. We will keep you up to date on progress!

Picnicking at Bluestone

A lovely event was our first picnic for guests, which is being expanded on in 2021 - This is so exciting. We are collaborating with the lovely ladies at Hampers of Lacock using their “Posh Picnics”. Their aim is to support and showcase local, British, handcrafted produce. We love working with people that share our values. You can find out more about Hampers of Lacock and their products on their website.

Current & Future Developments

In some exciting news, we have assumed control over a building on the farm that will, ultimately, become Bluestone HQ, tasting room & shop - Currently being repurposed with the “Big Men” working hard. We’re really excited about being able to welcome you here for tastings and getting to know you over a glass or two of bubbly.

New Friends

Perhaps the best part, is that we made a bunch of new friends throughout the year at our Signature Vineyard Walk & Wine Tastings, as well as at the Salisbury Sunday Christmas Markets and of course, the harvest.

Rack 'em and Stack 'em

Toot-to-to-toooooo (that was meant to be a trumpet…) We were thrilled to win a bronze medal award at the Independent English Wine Awards (IEWA).

What to Expect in 2021

New Wines

We are releasing new wines this year and will have a proper home to share them with you, yes, YOU! There will be fun new ways that you can come and explore the vineyard and enjoy a glass of the good stuff with friends and family. We anticipate being able to host people outside this year as there could still be some lingering social distancing restrictions to keep everyone safe... fingers crossed for good news at Boris' next announcement.

Cellar Door, Wine Shop & Bistro

Our plans are to be open to the public consistently through the summer on certain days so that you can just drop by, have a chat, try some wines and eat good food. We’ll have the “Posh Picnics” available for pre-booking so you can enjoy a sunny afternoon sitting on the grass, taking in the ambience of a cool summer breeze and the smell of freshly cut grass.

Self-Guided Tours

Why not also come up and take a self-guided tour? Using our new leaflets, with the gorgeous map illustrated by the wonderfully talented Francesca Mclean. At your own pace, learn about nature and the vineyard then pop into the tasting room and relax with a glass of wine or a flight of wines.

You and Your News

We’d really like to hear from you! Anything food or wine related, or even life related. What are you most looking forward to this year? What do you want to get out of it as things slowly return to normal? Have you tried any good wines that you can suggest to us and other readers? Email me at nmcconnell@bluestonevineyards.co.uk.

A Big Thank You

Thank you to those who made our year so special, whether you came on a tour, harvested grapes with us, or came to our stall at a market. (You know who you are!). You are the reason we are lucky enough to do what we do and we would like to continue this journey with you. After all, there is no point making delicious wines if we have no one to share them with.

Below is a nice video of some of our Middle White piglets to bring you ultimate cuteness. A sign of good things to look forward to on your visit to us this year.

This year will be a good’un. We look forward to seeing you all again very, very soon.

Toby, Nat and now Jack... still volunteering, can't get rid of the guy... ;)

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