Chardonnay: Number of vines: 8,526. Total % - 58%

Pinot Noir: Number of vines: 4,642. Total % - 32%

Pinot Meunier: Number of vines: 1,512. Total % - 10%

We have 10 acres under vine, which have been separated into 4 smaller parcels, Three Acre, Iron Age, Roundhouse and Top Field. 


At this stage each parcel has been separated because we believe them to be able to display differences within the fruit that they produce. Not only have different clones been planted, but the parcels each have different characteristics, from aspect and soil depth to sun and wind exposure. 


We nurture each parcel to its specific needs and hope to vinify each clone of each variety from each of the 4 parcels separately. This will allow the fruit the opportunity to be fully expressed in any given year. There may be further nuances within these parcels just waiting to be discovered, and when we find them we will be very happy to let them be heard. 




Our soils are relatively consistent throughout the vineyards. Its composition is a sandy, clay loam. It is high in organic matter with a great ability to exchange nutrients and retain moisture, though excess moisture freely drains out of the soil. This is enhanced by the underlying chalk, which imparts a great ability to take-on and give-up water readily, to and from the soil. 


Soil depth can vary from parcel to parcel especially between the tops and the bottoms of the gentle slopes. They can vary between 3 cm deep to up to 100cm depth. Soil depth can affect soil fertility, water availability and soil temperature amongst many other things and they can directly impact the vines growth behaviours.